Who's your hermit?

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Who's your hermit?
Consider me perhaps the simplest person you have ever met. I need to create. My glasswork is an exercise in output yet I take so much more from it than anyone else could. I make what I want. I use every technique imaginable. I have no mentor and align myself with no glass school or tradition. My formal training is in science. I learned how to learn and how to teach myself. This independence is who I am. I have found a place where I can focus my efforts in glass technique and chemistry as a full time endeavor. In the "active" arts, in which the demand on the mind and body are notable, one only gets to play for so long. This is my final chapter...the eyes are weakened and the heart is strong but not without scars. I will pour myself into this, passionately.

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I am quick to respond by email or messaging. If not, I get a good talking to by the sales dept. manager shown in the picture. Bentley knows sales=biskets so his incentive leads to insistence.